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Our Partners in Art and Community

We are proud to partner with companies that share our commitment to inclusive and empowering art. Our partners support artists of all backgrounds in expressing themselves freely and provide resources to nurture creativity. Our partners truly see the value art brings to society. Like us, they support those who have important stories to tell through their creative gifts. Together, we are building an artistic community where all voices are heard, and all people are empowered to share their unique creative spark.


We are thrilled to partner with Gfuel, the leader in energy drink powders and beverages for gamers and creators. They understand the dedication it takes to sustain creativity, providing healthy fuel for the mind and body needed during long sessions of artistic expression.

Gfuel embraces those who color outside the lines and recognize the power of art to bring people together. They've invited Art By Katee to contribute our artistic talents to upcoming Gfuel releases, allowing us to leave our creative mark on their brand. We love companies that allow artists the freedom to reimagine products through their own style and perspective.

The Gfuel partnership allows us to tap into our imagination and translate our artistic vision into designs that will energize and inspire their loyal customers. We can’t wait to uncap our creativity and show the artistic spirit the Gfuel community is known for!

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We are delighted to partner with Friday Afternoon Tea, a small family owned, geeky-themed business that creates mindful tea blends using ethically-sourced ingredients. Their teas provide a moment of relaxation and self-care that every creative needs to recharge their imagination and continue meaningful work.

Friday Afternoon Tea shares our commitment to building community and making space for all voices. Their partnership allows Art By Katee to fuel positive social change through art while enjoying the aromas and flavors that speak to the soul.

We look forward to collaborating on specialty tea blends that evoke the spirit of Art By Katee's vision. Just as each tea leaf contributes unique notes to a harmony of flavor, we want our custom creations to celebrate how individual expression creates meaningful change.

Sipping Friday Afternoons Tea's herbal infusions stirs the creative spirit. We are thrilled that their products will be fueling and inspiring Art By Katee creators and our broader community of artistic change-makers.


We are thrilled to partner with Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, the exciting convention where comic artists, pop culture fans, and creative minds of all kinds gather to celebrate self-expression. Their event provides a welcoming, judgment-free space for the artistic community to connect.

Comic Con embraces imaginative people from all backgrounds who find inspiration in sci-fi, anime, fantasy worlds and superhero stories. As artists, we understand how exploring other realms fuels creativity and self-discovery. We take pride in creating inclusive spaces for all types of cosplay, conversation, and artistic exchange.

We look forward to showcasing Art By Katee pieces at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con that capture the spirit of individuality. Our collaborative work will reimagine iconic characters through the lens of identity, empowerment and the hero’s journey we each take to live as our truest selves.

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