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"Do you take commissions?"


I don't take traditional commissions, but I'm open to hearing your ideas for paintings and considering them as inspiration. While I can't guarantee I'll paint any specific request, I'm always looking for new creative sparks. If I do end up using your suggestion as a springboard for a new piece, I'll be sure to let you know first when the original painting is complete and available for purchase. The more flexibility you can give me to interpret your vision in my own style, the better chance I'll be able to bring your idea to life on the canvas. Even if I don't paint your specific idea, I still greatly appreciate your interest in my work and your effort to connect with me as an artist. Please feel free to share any thoughts you have - you never know when a suggestion might stir my imagination and end up becoming my next painting!

You can submit your suggestions here

"Have you considered mass printing or making smaller, cheaper paintings?"


I completely understand the desire for my art to be accessible to more people, my original paintings can be quite expensive, and not everyone has the means to purchase them. While I appreciate the intent behind these suggestions, I wanted to explain why I choose to focus on creating fewer, more intricate original pieces rather than reproducing my work on a larger scale.

For me, painting is a creative outlet and a form of self-care just as much as it is a career. I pour my heart and soul into each original piece, spending hours carefully bringing it to life. Rushing through paintings or mass-producing stickers and prints would disrupt the mindful process that I've found so fulfilling. My art practice has been intertwined with my health journey, providing me with tranquility and a sense of purpose. I worry that turning painting into a high-volume business would undermine the joy and meaning it brings me.

That said, I completely understand the desire for more affordable options. Please know that I strive to find a fair price for my original art, keeping in mind the time, effort and meaning that goes into each piece. If you ever see a painting you love but cannot afford, please reach out. I'm always open to payment plans or creative solutions to make owning a piece feasible for you. Your support at any level helps make this creative journey sustainable.

Thank you all for uplifting me as an artist. I'm deeply grateful for each of you. I will continue to paint in the way that feels true to me, and hope you will continue to find value in my work.

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