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This page is dedicated to some of Art By Katee's favorite artists! If you're interested in finding new creators, this is what we recommend to you!

Dee's Brushstrokes

"I'm a self-taught acrylic artist. My favorite style is abstract but I'm still finding my niche. Painting is a way I deal with depression and OCD in a productive manner".

 "I’m a traditional artist/ tattoo artist. I’ve been doing art since I was little and it always just stuck with me. I mainly like to do women’s faces and pin-ups because I find the female form to be beautiful".

Jett (JettBlackTattoo)

Devon Whalen

Devon is an animator and illustrator from the midwest. She spends most of her time making cartoons, experimenting with art supplies, learning about folklore, and tending to her Stardew Valley animals.

James Stone

James Stone, self taught comic book writer, penciler, inker, letterer, and colorist. I’m currently a writer and Lead Artist for Immortal Samurai Comics and stroke survivor. This includes my self-published works like Conquest, and my newest series Welcome to Cape Haven. And a co-founder of Plot Twist Publishing. Contributing to anthologies Impressions, Tome of Terror, Illumiknights Enchantrix, PTP Presents 1 & 2, along with Elegy. Wearing many hats as writer, artist and art editor!


"I am a self-taught anime artist that I have been doing a majority of my life. Going through the creative process is a great way for me to be able to relax and be stress-free"

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