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About The Artist


Nice to meet you! I’m Kate,  a self-taught, acrylic painter from the west-coast. It was not until 2019 after having several serious health issues diagnosed that I leaned into my art full time. My journey has been filled with challenges, but it has also been marked by resilience, creativity, and a fierce determination to make the most out of life.


Painting on canvas is my creative outlet, a way for me to express my emotions and capture the beauty that surrounds us. Through vibrant colors, intricate brushstrokes, and thoughtful compositions, I seek to evoke a sense of joy, inspiration, and hope in those who view my artwork. Each canvas holds a piece of my heart and tells a unique story, inviting viewers to join me on a visual journey of emotions and experiences.

In my artistic endeavors, I have been fortunate to collaborate with several esteemed organizations, creating meaningful connections and opportunities to share my passion. One such partnership has been with 343 Industries, a renowned video game development studio known for their groundbreaking Halo franchise. Together, we have explored the intersection of gaming and art, bringing the Halo universe to life through my paintings.


Another exciting collaboration has been with Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, a premier event celebrating all things geek culture and comics. Through this partnership, I have had the pleasure of showcasing my artwork at their esteemed convention, connecting with fellow artists and enthusiasts, and immersing myself in the vibrant world of pop culture.

Furthermore, I am thrilled to have joined forces with GFUEL, a leading energy drink company that values innovation and creativity. Through our collaboration, I have had the opportunity to create exclusive artwork for their merchandise, infusing my distinctive style into their dynamic brand.

Through these partnerships, I have not only expanded my artistic horizons but also had the privilege of connecting with a diverse range of individuals who share my passion for art, gaming, and geek culture.


343 Industries featured my work on their Halo Waypoint
Community Spotlight

My art has been recognized by multiple voice actors, such as, but not limited to; Mark Hamill, Sam Witwer, Clancy Brown, Cree Summer, Lori Petty, Jon Bailey, Abby Trott, Ben Diskin and Many More...

I have quite a few voice actors, game developers, twitch partners and talent managers who have been supportive and following my journey.

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